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***** I have newly added a poetry page, please visit. Also I have revised the Eastern and Western Hemispheres***** Thank you for visiting my site. Soon I will be adding new pages to the Eastern Hemisphere of music. The Western Hemisphere contains my Star Trek page. The Star Trek page consists of links to Star Trek sites also another continuation of my homepage which is about the Borg. The Eastern Hemisphere consists of music pages. Soon there will be more pages dedicated to my favorite bands. Also on my site is The first moon on planet Devoras, Info Moon. Here you will find info about myself and my pic! In Poetry Moon let your imagination go wild by indulging yourself in poems and prose writtings, you also have an option to add your own poetry! Also I have a Guestbook, located on the second moon of planet Devoras, Elguestlibro Moon please feel free to sign! Once again thank you for visiting my homepage. Please tell me what you think about the new organization of my page. Enjoy!

The Eastern & Western Hemispheres, and the moons, Info and Elguestlibro!

The Western Hemisphere!: Please go here to visit the Western Hemisphere where you will find the land of Startrek!
The Eastern Hemisphere!: Please go here to visit the Eastern Hemisphere where you will find many music lands!
Poetry Moon!: In this moon you will find poetry and prose to which you can read and even submit your own poetry or prose!
The Way, the Truth, and the Life Christian sector!: In this sector you will be able to share viewpoints and testimonies. You can also chat with other Christians!
The Hangout in the Western Hemisphere!: This is my own personal chat room! Please take the time to stop in and say hi

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