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You have arrived at the Eastern Hemisphere of planet Devoras!

In the Eastern Hemisphere you will find my pages dedicated to my favorite bands. I have recently added my Marcy Playground Page. So far, all I have is my Stone Temple Pilots Page, my Soundgarden Page, my Beck page and my Marcy Playground Page but coming soon will be my Pearl Jam Page, and possibly a Green Day Page. Thanks for visiting, oh and in case you were wondering thats 'Interstate Love Song' playing in the background by STP. I hope you enjoy it, and check back soon!

My Dedication Pages to My Favorite Bands!

My Stone Temple Pilots Page!: This is my dedication page to my favorite band.
My Soundgarden Page!: This is my dedication page to my second favorite band, they dont exist anymore either, but they are still one of my favorites.
My Beck Page!: This is my dedication page to one of my favorite artists, Beck.
My Marcy Playground Page!: This is my page on one of the greatest "new" bands.